DANO company is an MLC licensed agency recruiting officers and seamen for the vessels worldwide, mainly in the off-shore sector. Our services are provided by highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the maritime industry. Our database of seafarers is still growing and currently consists of thousands of applications for different positions.

Through our office in Poland as well as branch office in Norway and representatives in Ukraine, Philippines and Ghana we have in our portfolio top qualified officers and seamen of various nationalities like Polish, Norwegian, British, Ukrainian, Russian, Baltic States, Filipino, Ghana or Nigeria with wide experience from off-shore industry, DP officers, engineers, crane drivers, rigsmen, etc.

Crew management under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code implemented both for the office and managed vessels guarantees work safety and security. High standards of recruitment process is to provide top quality maritime Officers to our principals and establishing itself as a premier crew management organisation.

The Company ensures that each off-shore vessel is manned with top qualified, certificated and medically fit seafarers in accordance with National and International rules and regulations, STCW, IMCA standards and specific Client requirements.

The recruitment process consists of the following steps:

1. First overview of candidate's CV in order to assess if basic conditions are met, i.e. capacity of COC, degree of DP certificate, health cert., brief overlook at sea service, etc.

2. Provided basic requirements are fulfilled candidate is requested to submit copies of all his documents, certificates, log books, etc. With this opportunity the candidate is verified against english language skills.

3. Detailed assessment/screening of candidate's documents, certificates, log books, etc. in order to confirm that recruitment criteria outlined above are satisfied. The focus is put on evaluating DP experience gained on DP vessels of suitable type. In order to facilitate this step the useful tool in form of "Candidate Screening Matrix" is utilized.

4. Reference check from previous employers / Masters is gathered. At least one reference from previous employment shall be obtained.

5. Provided above steps are satisfactory completed the candidate is subject to personal interview that is mandatory. At interview the candidate is presented with job offer and employment contract terms and conditions.

6. In case candidate accepts job offer his documentation is presented to the Client for final approval if so required.

7. Following acceptance the Contract of Employment (COE) is concluded.

We also provide the recruitment of fitters, able to carry out repairs both onboard the vessels staying in port and those in operation. We offer employment ranging from several days to several months.

Maritime industry. Providing services for off-shore sector. Recruitment and crewing of top qualified personnel, arranging and supplying spare parts and consumables for the vessels, victualing, etc. as well as shipchandling. Land and marine insurances. Transport. Express courier delivery.